Partial list of Communities and Non-Profit Organizations that have benefited from B.A. David Leadership Development Programs:

Altadena, California
Amarillo, Texas
Arlington, Texas
Austin, Texas
Burbank, California
California Library Association
Canadian Library Association
Chicago, Illinois
City of Imperial, California
Clark County, Ohio
Covina, California
Crandall, New York
Dallas, Texas
Desoto, Texas
Edmunton, Canada
El Centro, California
El Centro, California El Paso, Texas
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Florida Library Association
Harrison County, Alabama
Hawaii Library Association
Hawaii State Library
Imperial County, California
Kentucky State Library
Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Lee County, Florida
Lexington, South Carolina
Liverpool, New York
Louisville, Kentucky
Macomb, Michigan
Metropolitan Cooperative Library System, California
Metropolitan Library System, Illinois
Miami-Dade County, Florida
Monroe County, Florida
Monroe County, Indiana
Montgomery County-Norristown, Pennsylvania
Newport Beach, California
New York State Association of Library Boards
Ohio Library Council
Ontario Library Association
Ouachita, Louisiana
Oxnard, California
PaLA Academy for Leadership Studies
Pennsylvania Library Association
Public Library Administrators of North Texas
Rochester Hills, Michigan
Round Rock, Texas
San Diego County, California
Saratoga Springs, New York
St. Petersburg, Florida
Southern Adirondack Library System, New York
Southern California Library Cooperative
Southwest Florida Library Network
Southwest Ohio & Neighboring Libraries
Sunnyvale, California
Tampa Bay Library Consortia, Florida
Texas Library Association
University of Texas

B. A. David Programs

“Very helpful and inspiring and most important, very doable!” – L. McCoy, Altadena, CA

“Powerful message to inspire and elicit action!” – B. Roberts, Shelby, AL

“Inspirational and Real-World.  I’ve been in lots of professional development sessions in my career  – this is “up there” in top 3 to 5 presentations.” – B. Warrington, Oxnard, CA

“One of the best workshops I have ever attended. The specific examples of successful organizations were wonderful.” – A. Rich, Key West, FL

“Inspired me to focus on ‘being’ a leader rather than ‘doing’ leadership, to strengthen communications and staff engagement and to look for positive outcomes that will move us forward.” – M. Macmillan, Markham, Ontario, Canada

“This was by far one of the best programs I have ever attended.” – N. Vigezzi, Merrimack, NH

“I have gone to a lot of workshops – this ranks among the best!” – A. Baker, Salem, NH

“Best workshop of my life.” – R. Tanzy, Monroe, LA

“This session is life changing.” – A. Barrett, Jacksonville, FL

“Best session of 4 day annual conference. Can’t wait to get started on the new ideas this inspired!” – L. Crouse, Canonsburg, PA

“Best staff development workshop in all of the years that we have had them.” – E. McNamara, Norristown, PA

“One of the best workshops I have ever attended in 25 years!” – J. DiLeonardo, New Castle, PA

“This was the best Texas District 2 presentation I’ve ever attended.” – J. Sample, Amarillo, TX

“David’s passion for creating leaders drives him to reach out to all segments, freely sharing his tremendous wealth of knowledge.  Each time he talks to a new audience about developing leadership skills, he exhibits the excitement and enthusiasm of someone who is presenting for the first time.  At the Pennsylvania  Academy for Leadership Studies, he spent long twelve-hour days with the participants, training, interacting, and answering questions.  He was as fresh on Day Four as he was on Day One.  It seemed that David got as much out of the experience as he put into it.” – M. Garm, Scranton, PA

 “This is the most organized and practical workshops that I have ever attended.” – J. Sutton, Dallas, TX

“This is the best session I ever attended in the last 15 years.  It was very inspiring, informative, and motivating.” – A. Verma, Norristown, PA

“This workshop had so much value that I plan to share the information with our system’s Strategy Team and 20 directors I meet with.  This has been on fabulous experience!” – V.  Dick, York, PA

“That was an awesome presentation and can be applied to any organization on so many levels!  Great ideas, motivation, and focus!” – Frances Vita, Quarryville, PA

“Workshops on topics like “leadership”, even at industry conferences, rarely do such a good job as this one did of being totally relevant to our business.” – D. Battisti, Harrisburg, PA

“David’s session was rated the best session of the 2008 Pennsylvania annual conference.”  – M. Garm, Scranton, PA

“David’s session was the best session I attended at the California annual conference.” – C. Hany, Pasadena, CA

“David’s session was one of the best sessions I’ve attended the whole 9 years I’ve worked at CCPL.”  – J. Leibold, Springfield, OH

“Great presentation!  One of the best I’ve seen in several years.”  – L. Neal, North Richland Hills, TX

 “I wish this could be incorporated in the Management class at the University of Texas iSchool.” – L. Charbonnet, UT iSchool Masters Candidate, Austin, TX

“More libraries and librarians should attend “Leaders in Libraries”.  They will benefit immensely.” – Mike Binder, Dean of Libraries, Western Kentucky University

“David’s leadership session should be instituted library-wide.” – R. McLelland, Chicago, IL

“Leaders in Libraries” was one of the most interesting and well organized presentations Chicago Public Library has ever presented.” –  C. LeBray, Chicago, IL

“Leaders in Libraries” was the best sessions at the Florida Library Association’s annual conference.”  – M. Hitchinson, Orlando, FL

“Excellent! Better than any other leadership session I’ve ever participated in.”  – S. Thorup, Fayetteville, AK

“I’ve been studying leadership concepts for a long time, and to say that David inspired me is an understatement. The presenter helped propel me to work on an advanced degree in leadership. Remember, a strong leader inspires us to do something.” – D. Ricklefs, Round Rock, TX

“Very inspiring, exciting. This is one of the most comprehensive and well-organized workshops I have ever attended.” – C. Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

“Of all the workshops I have ever attended, this has been the most helpful and enlightening that I have ever attended.”  – K. Weseloh, Whittier, CA

“I can’t overstate how much our management staff appreciated this workshop. They were all so impressed by the presenter and found great value in the information he shared with them. Everyone was enthusiastic about the idea of having the workshop for the next level of staff, Branch and Department Managers.”  – R. Santiago, Miami, FL

“Something quite rare; practical advice and the wisdom of experience, conveyed in a manner that is clear and immediately deployable. The results are amazing!”  – A. Picco, Syracuse, NY

“This workshop is a winner! Our sales increased 500% and productivity rose 1,700%, thanks to the real-life, results-oriented insights conveyed in this workshop.”  – S Brennan, Phoenix, NY

“I have never heard more consistent nor more positive responses to a learning experience than those I heard after attending a TimeOut! Workshop.  ‘Best 4 hours I ever spent!’, ‘Outstanding speaker!’ are just a few of those comments." – T. Fletcher, Syracuse, NY

“David’s energetic, can-do spirit permeates the workshops!  His understandable and realistic advice gives you the street smart steps to do the right things.” – J. Cline, Syracuse, NY

“I must admit, that the workshop on “Why Prospecting Fails” was an eye-opener. It was also one of the best presentations I have had the opportunity to attend.” – V. Lovecchio, Syracuse, NY